Update on effect of Corona on our production

This topic will be refreshed as soon as we have more news about the effect of Corona upon our production.

Our printing facilities are spread around the world.
Different countries closed their borders or requested their inhabitants to stay at home.
Because of this, some materials have a longer lead time than usual.
We are monitoring the situation daily and adjust the lead times accordingly.
The estimated shipment date can be seen in your cart.

For the moment we experience delays for following materials only :

  • Steel
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Copper

As the situation improves, the lead times will reduce

Take care and stay healthy !

Product manager i.materialise


Hi Wim,
Are you still experiencing delays in cast metals? And is the estimate given when you go to order correct? Cheers

Hi Melissa,
we are keeping the lead time up to date with the current situation.
The estimate is correct with the info we have today.
Nowadays it is not very clear what governments are going to decide once the prescribed business-freeze period ends…


Hi Wim,
Thanks for getting back to me is this the same for US orders? Also another question I have an order that I need to go out to a customer in the USA when I’m filling out the shipping info it requires you to enter an email and phone number I don’t have the customers phone number can I use my own. Cheers

Hi Melissa,

You can fill in your phone number. We need it in case of delivery issues.
The lead time is for US orders, yes.

Kind Regards,

Thanks, Wim is the item sent out white-labeled without an invoice so the customer doesn’t see the cost of the item.

Hi Melissa,
sorry for the late reply…
we are using e-invoices, meaning that the invoice will not be physically added to the box.
Of course, as we ship from Europe, UPS might charge the custom duties, from which the customer might estimate the cost.
There is a certain amount under which no custom duties are charged.
It used to be around 200 USD but it depends of the article, more specific the harmonised code.
All the codes can be found here :

If you google on Harmonized Tariff Schedule and custom duties, you should be able to find the latest regulations.


Hi Wim, I just placed an order for titanium and gold pieces then I read here that there is a delay for gold. I didn’t receive a confirmation email, I didn’t receive an estimate on the delivery. Would it be possible to know a bit more what I should expect? I do need to give updates to my clients. Thanks.

Hi bworkshop,
thanks for the request.
I asked the person who is handling your order to contact you .

kind regards,

I am building an order and It is for 6 small parts in bronze polished. Your website order form is saying June 4. I want to be sure this is correct before I order, and that you able to fill the order. Im in the US, I don’t have an order no. obviously.

Thank you,
Justin yarro

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@wim.verstraeten all I’m really asking is, are the production times on the site ordering accurate for cast metal production??? please. Thank you.

Hi Justin,

The production times are for the time as accurate as we can tell.
our production unit for cast metal is suffering from severe measures against Covid.
The outflow will be restarting later on this week if there is no further prolongation of the measures.
We will do our best to be at full speed as soon as possible.


Are you able to produce High Detail Stainless Steel at present ? Order would be for UK delivery.


I know the production on Brass has been affected, I would still like to place an order and simply wait, yet the option on the drop down doesn’t exist.
When will brass orders be taken?

I ask because I want to order various models in other materials.


Hi, nc.cliffe,
High Detail Stainless steel is available for ordering, no problem with that production unit.

Kind Regards,

hi BEN.GEE224,

Hopefully we can get Brass back in the list soon.
We are evaluating the situation on a daily basis.
If there are acceptable guarantees that the parts can be produced and be shipped out, then we will put it back online.
Keep an eye on this blog post by using the ‘Watch’ function so that you get notified.


Hello there,

I got recently this email from Anna (Support Team).

"Dear Nikos,

As you know one of our production facilities was closed and started it’s work recently due to the big amount of already existing orders we had to stop accept new orders.

And paused this possibility for the customers.

If you already placed the orders they will be produced.

Regarding some other issues I will keep you updated.

Kind regards,
i.materialise Support Team"

I’m a litlle bit confused cause I’m not sure if you stopped accepting orders in the cast metals due to large volume of orders or because your facilities are closed due to Covid-19.

Please if possible clarify this.

Thank you.


Hi Nikos,

I understand your confusion.
While the facility was closed, we kept on accepting the orders, filling the production queue.
The facility recently made arrangements to restart at very limited capacity and under severe restrictions.
We noticed that the progress of processing the earlier placed orders is not picking up the anticipated speed.
So we decided to suspend the offer in order until we get a better indication of the throughput and export speed.

We should have a better view this week.

Kind Regards,


Thank you for your reply.

Hope to release the cast metals soon.

GS Team

Hi Ramosnikolaos,
you can expect an update tomorrow.