Transparent Resin varnish

How will abrasive paper effect a varnished transparant resin print?
Idea is to make a finished surface smoother. Do I need to varnish it again to get a layer of protection? If so, is it possible to apply it myself?
When the varnish would be removed, can I polish the surface with like cotton to give it more clarity again?
Thanks, Wim.

Hi Wim,

We don’t recommend sanding a transparent resin model because it will remove the transparent varnish and influence the transparency of the model. It is required to apply the varnish again after finishing the surface to make it transparent again.
Let us know if this helps.

Hi @Dmitriy.Lobko, thanks for your answer. I understand sanding will remove the varnish.

  1. Can I polish the material after using sandpaper, with a soft cloth?
  2. Can I apply the varnish again myself afterwards?
    Regards, W

@wimggl, it’s possible to polish resin 3D prints after the initial treatment with sandpaper, but I’m not sure if a soft cloth would actually work. Trying shouldn’t harm, though. You not only can, but you should apply varnish afterward because the model will likely not look as transparent without the varnish.

@Dmitriy.Lobko, thank you.
Hope to find out soon :slight_smile: