Traffic Light Gears by OSKAR

Hi iMaterialise fans,

Traffic Light Gears is a gear-design challenge, both posed and solved by me. The object was to have a little circular gear move between three positions above each other, and stop for a little while at each of the three positions. The three positions are marked “green”, “orange” and “red”, after the colors of Dutch traffic lights. The solution is two big “pentagonal” gears at the front, and another three at the back. The gears are precisely shaped and dimensioned to have the little black gear move straight up and down. And like any traffic light, the pause at orange is only brief.

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Traffic-Light-Gears---view-01 Traffic-Light-Gears---view-02 Traffic-Light-Gears---view-03 Traffic-Light-Gears---view-04 Traffic-Light-Gears---view-05 Traffic-Light-Gears---view-06 Traffic-Light-Gears---view-07 Traffic-Light-Gears---view-08 Traffic-Light-Gears---view-09 Traffic-Light-Gears---view-10