Tolerances on Transparent resin and build direction

I’m going to try to make a sort of waveguide in the transparent resin and I note that a varnish will be applied after the build. Are the parts “shrunk” to compensate for the thickness of the varnish, or should I compensate in the model?

Also I think I have an idea of the best build direction but am having difficulty in STL export from solidworks. No matter what orientation I output the part, it exports flat! Is there a was to specify build direction or do I have to fight some more to get the STL rotated correctly?

Hi there,

Talking about shrinkage, this phenomenon is not inherent in Stereolithography, but we do print within certain tolerances. Accuracy is ±0.2% (with a lower limit of ±0.2 mm). You may check the material page for more information.

Unfortunately we can’t always meet the orientation request. Nevertheless, our production specialists always choose the best possible orientation within the build of the 3D printer. If you’d like to orient your 3D model in a specific way, and if it doesn’t negatively influence the quality of your future model, we will take your preferences into account. You can indicate this in ‘Add remarks’ section during the last step of the checkout process.

Customer Support Officer