Tokamak by OSIPOV and OSKAR

Hi iMaterialise fans,

Tokamak is a remake of the award-winning Auzzle A2 puzzle by Ilya Osipov. Ilya’s puzzle is a toroidal twisty puzzle with magnets. Opposing magnets can attract or repel. The object is to twist the puzzle such that all magnets attract. The tactile and acoustic sensation of Ilya’s design is fantastic, with the magnets clicking under your fingers.

The following changes were made.
-The puzzle was renamed Tokamak, like the Russian nuclear reactor.
-The puzzle was reshaped a bit more toroidal, and made more compact.
-The eight segments were given eight different colors. The segments were rather hard to keep track of in the original version.
-SPOILER ALERT: the magnets were placed such that the puzzle can only be solved when the top four segments are offset from the bottom ones.

Watch the YouTube video.
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Check out the photos below.