Thickness For Earring Studs

. I am making some stud earrings.
The earring back are for Sterling Silver Pin 9.5 X 0.8mm.
I made the post / Pin 9.5 X 0.8mm but it shows yellow and dark blue when I upload the model and request analysis . Can I print a post in brass or silver 9.5 X 0.8mm.

. Could the earrings be printed (silver/ brass) together as a pair?

Could anyone help please?
Any tips? Thanks Alicia

Hello Alicia,

Having read your question, I think there should be no major issues printing the model in precious metals. If the post is 0.8mm thick it should be fine at the outcome. However, we can advise more if you reach us via email: and share the model to check manually.

i.Materialise Customer Support