Tapping 3D Printed Steel

I just received some 3D printed knobs in steel and the print came out great. I need to tap the hole in the print. I drilled out the hole to the correct size which was hard to do and then proceeded to break 2 taps trying to tap the hole. I was using HSS taps 10-24.
What is the best procedure to tap a hole in the 3D printed steel? Will cobalt taps work or do I need carbide taps?

Dear Jeff,

Unfortunately, we cannot really advise on this. There are other factors besides material that should be considered, for example, tap design and equipment being used. Tap manufacturers offer their own unique geometries for specific materials and applications. Please consult your tap supplier.

Technical specifications of steel material can be found here: https://i.materialise.com/en/3d-printing-materials/steel/technical-specifications

My solution was to insert a bushing and drill and tap the bushing.
The hardness of the material was a bit of a surprise. Can this print be annealed?
Thanks you for the reply

Dear Jeff,

In general, steel material can be annealed. At the same time, we cannot recommend annealing steel parts.