Swapping Helices by OSKAR

Hi iMaterialise fans,

Swapping helices is a mechanism that may be considered mathematical art. Five helical parts are locked together, forming a rectangle folded around a cylinder at an angle. Each of the five parts can slide independently. When the top part is slid down, it connects from the other side and becomes the bottom part. So the helices can change order while still remaining connected.

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Swapping-Helices---view-01 Swapping-Helices---view-02 Swapping-Helices---view-03 Swapping-Helices---view-04 Swapping-Helices---view-05 Swapping-Helices---view-06 Swapping-Helices---view-07 Swapping-Helices---view-08 Swapping-Helices---view-09 Swapping-Helices---view-10