Stl model won't change material in i.materialise preview

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Geetings i’m Martin Guggisberg from Switzerland

Pls. any idea why my stl model don’t show the chosen Material in the 3D I,materialise Preview??
The normals are in the right direction. Even i flipp the Normals, and reupload to i.materialise the stl model remains dark grey??? How can i change that??? Thank You for any Help

The 3d viewer is not always showing your model in webgl.
A model shown in webgl is changing color when selecting a different material with another color.
For bigger files, we do not offer webgl for performance reasons.

What you are seeing is a set of images linked to each other, giving the impression of 3d rotation.
You can only rotate and not zoom in or cut away the part.
That is why the color is not changing.


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Thanxx Wim for Your Answer now i understand :v: