STL colored fro color printing

You state on the list of formats aceepted STL colored.
Where to find info on the format?

Hello Alberto,

What do you mean info on the format, information about this kind of file format?

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Where to put the color info of the triangles inside the STL format.

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Regarding color application on certain surfaces we can’t advise. Different CAD software/applications have different settings, layout and options, therefore its all individual.

We can assist you in various matters regarding printability and material selection.

I’d advise to check on tutorials or documentation of the application you use for modelling. Checking with some 3D artists or their communities on the internet could also be helpful.

i.materialise customer service

On your web page you indicate that jobs can be send to you for printing in STL colored format.
I guess you will be able to tell me some info on how to indicate the color in such format…

Hi Alberto,

There a section about colored STL on wikipedia : STL (file format) - Wikipedia

We accept also other file formats supporting color :

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Thanks for the info, so putting on this way the color would be Ok?

The per-facet color is represented in the two “attribute byte count” bytes as follows:

  • bits 0–4 are the intensity level for red (0–31),
  • bits 5–9 are the intensity level for green (0–31),
  • bits 10–14 are the intensity level for blue (0–31),
  • bit 15 is 0 if this facet has its own unique color, or 1 if the per-object color is to be used.

Hi Alberto,
I’m not an experienced programmer but seems yes :slight_smile:
You can try and upload the stl to our site, select multicolor+ and you will see the effect like for this dice which is a colored STL : dice

Ok, will make a test and try to generate some parts with such color information and see if works as I expect.

Do you have the STL file of the dice?

Hi Alberto,
I mailed the dice to you.

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