Sticky Soma by OSKAR

Hi iMaterialise fans,

Sticky Soma is a variation to the classic Soma Cube puzzle by Piet Hein from 1933, which has 240 solutions. The pieces of Sticky Soma have grooves. Eighteen sticks go through these grooves and keep the puzzle together. The puzzle was commissioned by Patrick Luteijn. George Miller analysed which of the four fundamentally different designs would be the most interesting one. The four challenges have 70, 64, 56 and 50 solutions, respectively. So we chose the latter.

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Sticky-Soma-v2---view-01 Sticky-Soma-v2---view-02 Sticky-Soma-v2---view-03 Sticky-Soma-v2---view-04 Sticky-Soma-v2---view-05 Sticky-Soma-v2---view-06 Sticky-Soma-v2---view-07 Sticky-Soma---view-01 Sticky-Soma---view-02 Sticky-Soma---view-03