Spaghetti Junction by OSKAR

Hi iMaterialise fans,

Spaghetti Junction is name after a crazy category of highway intersections, where several highways and local road meet, and that are connected with many flyovers. The puzzle was inspired by Devin Montes’ Chain Puzzle. However, where Devin’s puzzle has only a single viaduct, Spaghetti Junction has multiple flyovers, four at each of the two parts. The puzzle is scrambled by moving the balls and clicking the two halves between their eight states. The two parts are held together with magnets: sixteen 3x3-mm cylinder magnets, one 6x13-mm, and one 6x6-mm. The balls are 10-mm-diameter delrin balls. The lengths of the flyovers are 4, 3, 3, and 2 units for one part, and 3,3,3, and 2 units for the other. In some states of the puzzle (“traffic jam”) all balls need to move together in one long line.

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Spaghetti-Junction---view-09 Spaghetti-Junction---view-10 Spaghetti-Junction---view-11 Spaghetti-Junction---view-12 Spaghetti-Junction---view-13 Spaghetti-Junction---view-14