Sound Patterns by OSKAR

Hi iMaterialise fans,

Sound Patterns is a tribute to the work of Kagen Sound. Kagen developed a series of (award-winning) secret opening boxes that require to form a specific mesmerizing maze-like pattern. In this new puzzle, Kagen’s pattern is applied to small rings along a tall cylinder. The object is again to make a set of symmetrical patterns. This is challenging, because each ring has a little knob at the inside, which slides into notches in the cylinder. Each rings fit on multiple places around the cylinder, but not everywhere. The notches pattern was designed such that there is only a single solution for each of the seven challenges. The puzzle is a bit confusing, but not too hard to solve. And the results are very satisfying.

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Sound-Patterns---view-01 Sound-Patterns---view-02 Sound-Patterns---view-03 Sound-Patterns---view-04

Sound challenge - view 02 Sound Patterns - challenge 1 Sound Patterns - challenge 2 Sound Patterns - challenge 3 Sound Patterns - challenge 4 Sound Patterns - challenge 5 Sound Patterns - challenge 6 Sound Patterns - challenge 7