Soma Maze by OSKAR

Hi iMaterialise fans,

Soma Maze is a variation to the classic Soma Cube puzzle by Piet Hein from 1933. This variation was designed by Patrick Luteijn, who is a big Soma fan. Each of the pieces has a groove pattern. The object of the puzzle is to assemble it such that the grooves connect into a single labyrinth. The puzzle is not too difficult. When solved, one can roll a 3-mm ball bearing through the labyrinth, and remove it through the yellow piece. A cage is clicked around the cube to contain the pieces and ball.

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Soma-Maze---view-01 Soma-Maze---view-02 Soma-Maze---view-03 Soma-Maze---view-04 Soma-Maze---view-05 Soma-Maze---view-06