Solvent save finishes

I am developing a component for use in pharmaceutical manufacturing process. The proof of concept component was seen to capture API - I need to build the component out of a material that has no porosity and resistant to solvents such as ethanol.
What is the nature of the waterproofing in the SLS material?

Hi James,

It doesn’t seem like a waterproof part printed with SLS would work for your application. Consider 3D printing it in a metal like steel or titanium. You can find out more here: Metal 3D Printing

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Thanks Dimitri,
Does the metal 3d print allow for polishing to mirror finish - cavities and blemishes lend themselves to capture of liquids.
Is it possible to PTFE coat a printed part?

It’s possible to polish 3D printed metal parts, but we don’t offer this finish ourselves. Not sure about PTFE coating, but we do add PU coating for brass parts, so maybe this gives you a hint on whether PTFE coating would work as well.

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