Smuggler's Soma by OSKAR

Hi iMaterialise fans,

Smuggler’s Soma is a Soma Cube in which one can hide “diamonds”, which are actually 3D-printed transparent pins. The object is to hide as many diamonds as possible. Even though there are 34 cavities between the pieces, not all can be filled, because then the cube cannot come apart. So the question is: how many diamonds can you maximally smuggle in this cube? George Miller found a solution with an incredible 25 diamonds, which is shown in the video. Is this the maximum, or does there exist a solution with 26 or even more diamonds? George was also the person who came up with the “smuggler’s” theme, as the puzzle originally had the boring name Pinned Soma.

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Check out the photos below.


Smuggler's-Soma---view-01 Smuggler's-Soma---view-02 Smuggler's-Soma---view-03 Smuggler's-Soma---view-04 Smuggler's-Soma---view-05 Smuggler's-Soma---view-06 Smuggler's-Soma---view-07