Shop multiple sections


I am in the proces of setting up a shop, and it works great so far.
Coming from another well know 3D shop i want to switch to your shop for several reasons.
But in process you always make comparisons.
There is one thing i realy miss here and that is multiple sections in the shop.
Are there plans for this in the future ? , because i would like it a lot.
Other than that, nice effective layout.


Hi eef7260,

Tx for the compliments.
in the near future, there are no active plans to create multiple sections.
What is it that you do like about it ?


Hi Wim

My hobby is scale model cranes, don’t ask me why.
Quite a few parts can be made for that.
Such as hooks, grabs, concrete buckets , etc.
But there are also attachments for specific cranes.
If those items can be placed in a separate group, this is much clearer for the buyer’s overview.
I don’t think it’s decent to post the link of another 3D company here.
But google my username in combination with that other 3D printing company, and have a look there.
I think that makes it pretty clear what I mean.
In the long term, I would also like to offer that amount of items through your shop.
So then the multiple sections would become handy in my opinion.


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