Shipping to china

some of my 3D printed model shipped to China, i need to order through 3D Eazer? where can i find their website? thx


Thanks for contacting us with your question! Unfortunately we don’t ship to China nor work with the 3D Eazer anymore. Thus, you may google-search for the options to fulfill your intentions. There should definitely be a 3D printing service working with China!


thanks, one more question, i am using steel to make my ring, should i scale up my model by 2% ? i see you have scale function in Upload 3D Model page, if i scale up my ring by 2%, it means my ring size would get bigger or smaller? for example , if my ring diameter is 19.5mm, what happen if i don’t scale up? ring diameter become bigger right?


Yes if you scale up the model the size will be bigger.
Dimensional accuracy strongly depends on the selected material and technology.
For Steel this is ± 1%

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