Screw Barrel by OSKAR

Hi iMaterialise fans,

Screw Barrel is a barrel shape that has been cut with three helical cuts. The cuts are not exactly helical. They are slightly wavy. As a result, all three pieces are slightly different and none has any symmetry. One of the pieces is slightly tapered. This is the first piece to turn out, after which the barrel falls apart. The assembly is confusing. First, one needs to find which piece fits where. And then one needs to find out which is the tapered pieces that goes in last.

The puzzle on the photos was 3D printed on an FDM machine in layers. The barrel layers were printed in “oak” (transparent PLA with 20% oak dust). The hoop layers were printed in grey PLA.

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Check out the photos below.


Screw-Barrel---view-01 Screw-Barrel---view-02 Screw-Barrel---view-03 Screw-Barrel---view-04 Screw-Barrel---view-05 Screw-Barrel---view-06 Screw-Barrel---view-07 Screw-Donut---view-01 Screw-Donut---view-02