Saving Design for Alteration

Hello iMaterialize forum,

Have created a design for a LED module for a staircase light system. The design created is for the top of the stairs. Now need to copy that design and alter it slightly for LED modules in the middle of the stairs.

How to copy the existing design so there will be two modules, one top
one middle?
(When the middle is created then a bottom module will be created from the top module.)


Allen in Dallas

Hello Allen,

Thanks for reaching out to us. i.Materialise is an online 3D printing platform, thus we can help you in materializing your designed 3D model, however can’t advise on how to design or modify/tweak it.
If there is a need for the designer to take a look at your model and change it based on your requirements you may get in touch with one in our database here.

i.Materialise Customer Support.