Retrofit Lens Drop in Filter

To get back in practice with using and adapting Autodesk Inventor, I decided to design & 3D print a replacement Drop in Filter. This was as a retrofit replacement for my Minolta AF Reflex 500 lens.
My initial design replicated the locking mechanism of the original. Good for practicing Inventor’s simulation tools. However, on review, I thought KISS! Why try to replicate an intricate mechanism which ultimately failed in field use? So, I modelled a tether lug, with lock removed. 3D Printing (i.e. Additive Manufacture) was outsourced to i.materialise. Chosen process was MJF (Multi-Jet Fusion) in polyamide material. This is grey in natural finish, so I also requested the parts dyed black.
Fit tolerances for this task are sub-millimetre - So Inventor was the proven modelling tool in this type of situation. Everything fitted as designed, with screw in filters friction fitted to the holder.

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