Recycled Materials

Hi, is there any recycled material available to 3D print? that could help with our sustainable business strategy-

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Hi Morphlab,

We care a lot about sustainability !
We are part of the Green Trade association :

To answer your question :
Seen the nature of the 3D printing process, the 3D printed parts are not being recycled.
However, we do recycle part of the unsintered powders from the powderbeds.
The powders that are no longer suitable for printing are being used by a third party for other purposes that are not 3dprinting.
Silver, gold, brass and bronze are 100% recycled as they can be melted again.
Materials used in FDM/FFF machines could in principle be recycled but for professional machines we cannot reused it as the filaments are inside chip controlled cartridges. We use Stratasys machines. They deliver the cartridges but I am not aware that these are filled with recycled FDM-materials.

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