Re: Silver Jewellery

Dear Sir/Madam,
Hi, I’m interested in developing a partnership with i.materialise, when you do ship to the customer what preventives are in place to tackle fraud such as the customer stating they didn’t receive their package when they did? Would it simply be a matter the courier would be able to handle?

Additionally, when shipping jewellery do you white label and put the package with my brand? Also can i pick the package it should be delivered in, do you have options or would i have to procure my own supplies?


Thanks a lot for choosing our company to boost up your activity with 3D prints provided by i.materialise. We do offer several approaches in terms of partnership with the company, please check the details here:

To get more details about collaboration with i.materialise you can always leave a request through this form.

Regarding matters that don’t directly relate to 3D production we do have options to choose and proceed with, thus we’ll reach out to you personally do discuss everything.

i.materialise Customer Support