Questions about Multicolor+

  1. What is the name of the 3D printer that produces Multicolor+ currently in 2023? Knowing the specific printer could facilitate researching design details for successful prints.
  2. Is the texture detail on printed models reliant in any way on polycount or are they completely independent from it? For example, If I were to print a simple cube with 8 vertices, would I be limited to 8 color points, or would the colors faithfully follow the texture across low poly faces?
  3. What is the maximum texture file resolution accepted, in pixels, for Multicolor+?
  4. The design specifications mention that the minimum details are of 0.25 mm, could this value imply that a 1 mm x 1 mm square would be roughly comparable to 4 x 4 pixels of texture resolution on the printed model within that square?


Stratasys printers are being used to print Multicolor+ parts, but we will restrain ourselves from disclosing information about specific models.

Following the link, you can find more information about technology:

Design recommendations are presented in our design guide for Multicolor+ material:

For textures, the maximum resolution the printer can achieve is 2000 dots per inch. As for wall thickness and color, each color should have a minimum wall thickness of 3mm to be printed fully opaque with the right color value. Please note that two contrasting colors that meet on an edge will have a small gradient. The quality and success of textures is based on good UV mapping.

The level of detail can be described as the difference in height between two surfaces (e.g. extruded text on a surface).