Questions about first try models

I have a large inventory of items that I would like to sell through Materialise’s shop. These are dozens of different models intended to be printed in Multicolor+. Each model has 2 texture variants, and 3 size variants.

  1. Is there a necessity to print once each of several models with the same geometry, but different textures or sizes?
  2. Do models need to be shipped to me, or can they be stored to wait their first sale?
  3. If the item can’t be stored, could they simply be discarded instead? Shipping and taxes combined would make destroying the item after learning about printability far cheaper.


1.The model indeed must be printed once to be able to offer it for sale. This relates to both geometry output and also texture in multicolor+ material to be sure all coloring meets your expectations. Computer screens and printers use different color system, thus it is important to consider and adjust if needed.
2. We don’t print models for stock since we produce based on demand (when ordered). All the others will be shipped to whatever delivery information is mentioned when ordering.
3. Items will be printed in quantity needed only when ordered. During the checkout process shipment fee will be visible. Import taxes are individual and can be always checked with the destination you are shipping to. We can’t advise on certain import fees since this is a subject to change and is responsibility of customs depending on an importing country.