Printing with transparent and mammoth resin

Hello. I have a project to print few large prototypes, around 116.01 x 1442.16 x 50.11 mm. I need to print them with transparent resin and afterwards paint and assemble.

Some of the parts need to have good translucency. Is there any coating applied to the transparent resin after the curing process?

We will need to paint black one of the parts. What type of paint should we use for this?

The parts need to be assembled afterwards with metal screws. Is the material going to crack? Can we use metal threaded inserts? What do you recommend?

Finally, what polyamide can I compare with in terms of technical specifications?

Thank you!

Dear Stefan,

Regarding transparency of transparent resin parts, please check following article in our help center:

Standard model-making paints (e.g. Revell) work great with polyamide (SLS), mammoth resin, standard resin, gray resin and high-detail resin. Both acrylic and water-based paints work as well, but several layers may be needed. You can use a primer first to smoothen the surface of your model.

Tapping of screw threads can damage resin parts or produce heat can deform them. Result will depend on the design of your part and tools that you are using. Please remember that screwing and unscrewing in a plastic material will only work a few times.

The best alternative to tapping a thread is to use metal threaded inserts. By doing this, you can use the connection multiple times and chances of damaging the model are much lower. Choose the desired thread size, look up the corresponding insert dimensions and foresee a blind hole of the correct dimensions in your 3D model. Also be sure to foresee enough wall thickness around the blind hole (min. 2 mm). We recommend using self-cutting inserts.

Polyamide can be compared to other plastics. Here you can find technical specifications of polyamide (SLS):

Dear Yurii,

Thank you for the reply!

Regarding painting, would car paint work with this type of resins?

Regarding the transparent and Mammoth resins what type of plastic can I compare them with, in terms of strength, rigidity, flexibility, etc?

Dear Stefan,

Car paints may contain solvents that can damage plastic. Primers can grant protection.

Both materials can be described as ABS-like. You can check technical specifications of each material:

I see that there is a flat rate for shipping to Romania, 14.5 or 19 eur. The parts I want to print with you have the following dimensions: 1500 x 80 x 50 mm and need to be shipped to Romania. Given the atypical dimensions should I expect a recalculation of the shipping cost after placing the order?

Is the shipment covered by any insurance should anything happen with the parts during transportation?

What is normally the lead time for printing with resin? I see that I get an estimated production date after uploading the parts and going to shopping cart. Is this lead time accurate enough? what margin should I consider just to be safe?

Dear Stefan,

Exact shipping rates are displayed during checkout. Shipping costs will not get recalculated after you place your order.

There is not any insurance, but if something happens to your order during transportation, please contact us and we will find a way to solve the issue.

Please find information about lead times here:

Please note that complexity, selected finishing and number of ordered parts may add a few days to the standard lead time. However, in most cases, we ship out orders earlier than the estimated shipment date.

Dear Yurii,

Thank you for the information provided!

Due to the sensitivity of the 3D files we need to sign an NDA before sharing the models for production. can you help me with contact details where I can discuss such topic?

Thank you!

Dear Stefan,

Your files will be treated confidentially anyway:

You can request a copy of our non-disclosure agreement (NDA) by emailing