Price shop items API

Hi, I would like to get the price (exc TVA) from every item that is offered for sale in my shop on i.materialise. Reason is to synchronise that price with the product page on my personal website. Is that possible with the API? Embedding is no option.

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Hi Koenraad,

The exact prices of your shop items aren’t available through the API, but it is possible to get the new prices for multiple 3D models and various materials using the API. That, however, would require some software development work.
How many items are we talking about? Because we also have multiple file upload for up to 20 files:

Hi Dmitriy, at this moment I only need the price. I would like to post the price on my website and forward visitors to the imaterialise shop in case they are interested in bying something. I am aware that the price of printing and material can change so it would be usefull if this data would be available. But at this time my shop is not a supermarket so I will check price on the imaterialise platform regularly. Koen