Polyamide MJF or SLS?

So I made a little bit of a bad decision. I ordered two parts to be printed as polyamide, one as sls polished in black and the other as mjf also in black. After receiving them, I realized that I wouldn’t be able to know which was which. The only physical differences I can tell is one being solid black, but is slighty smaller than the other. The second one has a slight gray-ish coloring in it. Is there any other way I might be able to find which is sls and which is mjf?

Hi jtanner788,
Unfortunately on the outside both materials will be nearly indistinguishable. The only way you would be able to tell them apart is if you drill a small hole into the material - the SLS part will be white on the inside, and the MJF part will be black. Hopefully this helps you out!
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If you can bend your parts, the SLS print should be more flexible than the MJF one.