Plating quality

I was thinking about producing some jewelry for my brand. After a few weeks of trying some product, the plating is disappearing in the area where the product is in contact with the skin.

My question is : is it normal? If yes, what’s the purpose of the plating? On the website, there’s a lot of jewelry shown as examples, but I don’t see how we can use this plating if it disappears after only 4 weeks of use.

I’ve plated jewelry that have years and the plating is still there. I’m a bit concern about this.

Thanks in advance for your insights.


Durability of plating depends on how intensively part is being used. If part is in constant contact with skin, then plating will wear off quickly.

Plating can provide specific look for your 3D printed model. 3D printed models are suitable for a wide range of applications and not only for jewelry. At the same time, jewelry pieces might require special coating suited exactly for jewelry. For example, rings normally require thicker layer of plating compared to other jewelry pieces.