Pegged Soma by OSKAR & GEORGE

Hi iMaterialise fans,

Pegged Soma is a Soma Cube puzzle, where the piece have pegs. The object is to build a cube, for which there are 28 solutions. However, only one of those solutions has all pegs at the inside. Because of the pins, the pieces need to be put together in the correct order. George suggested a rather gruesome theme for the puzzle, “Stop the Bleed”, where the pegs would be red and represent blood. He did not specify what are the bleeding holes…

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Pegged-Soma---view-08 Pegged-Soma---view-09 Pegged-Soma---view-10 Pegged-Soma---view-11 Pegged-Soma---view-12 Pegged-Soma---view-01 Pegged-Soma---view-02 Pegged-Soma---view-03 Pegged-Soma---view-04 Pegged-Soma---view-05 Pegged-Soma---view-06 Pegged-Soma---view-07