Panex Duo by OSKAR

Hi Non-Twisty Puzzles fans,

Panex Duo is a doubled version of the classic Panex puzzle, invented by Toshio Akanuma and manufactured by Tricks Company in Japan in the 1980’s. Whereas the original Panex puzzle has two columns of pieces that need to be switched and an empty one, Panex Duo has five columns of pieces and an empty one. The puzzle has three challenges:

  1. Move the bottom left column to the empty top left (easiest)
  2. Swap the bottom middle column with the top middle column (harder)
  3. Swap the bottom right column with the top right column (hardest)
    If you can solve the classic Panex puzzle, you can solve these puzzles as well. However, the solution for the classic Panex is highly inefficient for this one, so you may want to find a more efficient solution.
    The staircase design assures that each color can only be moved down to its specific depth.

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Panex-Duo---view-01 Panex-Duo---view-02 Panex-Duo---view-03 Panex-Duo---view-04