Over-and-Under by OSKAR

Hi iMaterialise fans,

Over-and-Under is a moving-balls twisty puzzle. The puzzle was inspired by Devin Montes’ Chain Puzzle. However, where Devin’s puzzle has only a single viaduct, Over-and-Under has two of them. The puzzle is scrambled by moving the balls and clicking the two halves between their six states. The two parts are held together with magnets: twelve 3x3-mm cylinder magnets, and two 5x8-mm. The balls are 10-mm-diameter delrin balls. The puzzle is easy to solve, just systematically sorting color by color.

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Check out the photos below.


Over-and-Under---view-07 Over-and-Under---view-08 Over-and-Under---view-09 Over-and-Under---view-10 Over-and-Under---view-11 Over-and-Under---view-01 Over-and-Under---view-02 Over-and-Under---view-03 Over-and-Under---view-04 Over-and-Under---view-05 Over-and-Under---view-06