Oskar's Two Piece Packing by OSKAR

Hi iMaterialise fans,

Oskar’s Two-Piece Packing Puzzle dates back to the 1980’s, but the design drawing could not be located. This puzzle was originally made in wood by Tom Lensch, and now available for 3D-printing. The object of the puzzle is to packing the two pieces into the box with a significant number of moves.

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Check out the photos below.


Oskar's-Two-Piece-Packing---view-01 Oskar's-Two-Piece-Packing---view-02 Oskar's-Two-Piece-Packing---view-03 Oskar's-Two-Piece-Packing---view-04 Oskar's-Two-Piece-Packing---view-05 Oskar's-Two-Piece-Packing---view-06 Oskar's-Two-Piece-Packing---view-07 Oskar's-Two-Piece-Packing---view-08 Oskar's-Two-Piece-Packing---view-09 TwoPiecePacking (Tom Lensch)