Ornament for luxury bags

Hello! Gentlemen,

Could you please help me choose the best material to decorate a luxury women’s bag? I need a material that is scratch and oxidation resistant but shiny like gold or silver. The problem is that gold is very expensive.

Also is there a material that i.materialise 100% metal or all material is metal coated resin?

Thank you for your help!

Dear risenchristglory,

A more affordable alternative to gold is one of our 3D-printed metal options (which are 100% metal, not metal-coated resin). We would suggest steel, as it has a gold plating finish option: https://i.materialise.com/en/3d-printing-materials/steel

Kind regards,

Thanks for the answer! Stephanie!

Please can you tell me which chromed material can keep more details?

Thank you!

Hi risenchristglory,

The unpolished gold plating will keep more details, as the polishing process can wear off some of the smaller details. Hope this helps!

Kind regards,