Okta puzzle by OSKAR

Hi iMaterialse fans,

Okta is an octagonal four-piece puzzle. The octagon is cut into eight “pizza” slices. Opposite slides are internally connected. The puzzle-design challenge was to develop a puzzle with this property. This is my solution to the challenge. I am still not 100% sure to what extent the puzle uses some flexibility of the material. I have the suspicion that there may be a more interesting puzzle lurking in here, with all parts different such that there is only a single way of them fitting together, and material added at places to allow only one way of assembling the puzzle. More research to do.

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Check out the photos below.


Okta-v2---view-01 Okta-v2---view-02 Okta-v2---view-03 Okta-v2---view-04 Okta-v2---view-05 Okta-v2---view-06 Okta-v2---view-07 Okta-v2---view-08 Okta-v2---view-09 Okta-v2---view-10 Okta-v2---view-11 Okta-v2---view-12 Okta-v2---view-13 Okta-v2---view-14 Okta-v2---view-15 Okta-v2---view-16 Okta-v2---view-17 Okta-v2---view-18 Okta-v2---view-19