Non-Transitive Gears by OSKAR


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Non-Transitive Gears is a puzzling mechanism based on an idea by Alexander Poddiakov. In his article “Intransitive Machines”, Poddiakov writes about non-transitivity, wher A is larger than B, B is larger than C, and C is larger than A. There exist many examples, including non-transitive dice, and non-transitive election results. Poddiakov also showed an example of a set of three gears that are non-transitive. When two of these are put against each other, then A spins faster than B, B spins faster than C, and C spins faster than A. See also Poddiakov’s post at with lots of interesting responses.

A physical implementation would not allow Poddiakov’s gears to be put all three together, as then the mechanism would jam. A solution was the addition of three ratchets. Whichever of the three knobs you turn, one of its neighbours will turn 2x faster and the other 2x slower.

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Alexander Poddiakov shows in a paper that Non-Transitive Gears can also be played as a three-player game, where the third player always wins.