No holes in the printing. why if there were in the design?

Good evening,

I have a question about the printing of a design.

I’ve made a clasp but I can not obtain le holes from the printing. I here with attach the design and picture. Thank you, Mirco

ps. Unfortunately I can not attach the rhino file

I’m very sorry, but the problem isn’t completely clear to me. Did you place an order where the holes that were in your file were not printed? If that is the case, please give me the IMC number of the order and I can check the issue.

If it concerns a design issue and you’re not succeeding to get the holes in the file, we can’t help you, because i.materialise is only a printing service and can’t provide assistance with designing models. Kind regards Lizy

Hi I have a design that I would like you two to look at t725

Dear Ocrim66

i can help with 3D design contact me at

from Riley Johnson