New to 3d world please read

First I would like for you to see why im doing the 3d go to google look up black out veterans tribute this is my truck 7 years I built this unit for our fallen hero s I can use expert help 1 I want a file to print max box size of my truck my printer is a fiber troxy Im non profit and need help with designing things like my truck solders cross thing that I can give to veterans at VA centers I go to, the truck is most important match box size and a bigger one so I can just put file in and print it sorry I don’t know much this is why I come to where the experts talk please google or go to chuck Timbrook facebook my photos of truck is there in the 1000 s my number 304 283 8634 remember im just trying to do good for our men and woman who served thank you my email if you cant help understand but I just wanted to try