Need a offline quote instead of automated one


I need a quote by email of the cart I currently have, so that I can pass it to the business office of my university and they can place the order with the quote number. I tried contacting support but it asks for order reference number before I can ask the question.


Thank you for your question.

i.materialise is an online platform where we have very good prices just because the customer is doing a lot of the order handling by themseldf. In addition to that there is at i.materialise also the possibility to get an educational discount of 10% of which you can read more on

i.materialise can’t give you a quote which can be used as it is for ordering what was quoted. If you really need this we have to advise you to contact another department, where this would be possible. Our colleagues from that department will be glad to assist you in any way they can and if you could let me know from which country you want to order I can give you their contact information.

We kindly draw your attention to the fact that each department not only has specific materials and finishes, but also offers other services and the prices may differ as a result.

Kind regards, Lizy

Hi Lizzy,

Thanks for your reply.



I also need a quotation.
I would be interested to have the contact for such a department, for an order from France.

Thank you,

Hi Lucas,

At i.materialise we created an online platform that allows receiving quotes in real-time by simply uploading a 3D model on our website. You can do so here:

If for any reason it won’t be possible to provide an instant quote for your 3D model, you’ll be offered an option to submit a quotation request, also directly on the website.

Let us know if you’ll have any troubles with that.