Necklace with the Initials of two Gods in Ogham

So I wanted a way to acknowledge my newfound religion (a flavor of Celtic Polytheism) or more specifically the two gods I connected with so far (Taranis: God of the sky, justice, truth and order ā€“ and Ogmios: god of eloquence and persuasion) while keeping the door open to adding more in the future and having things in a coherent style, and I think I found my system to do that with this :slight_smile:
Using the early medieval Irish Ogham to hint at the names of Gods from a pantheon worshipped in ancient Gaul is a little anachronistic off course, but Iā€™m not really trying to reconstruct a specific praxis from the past, so Iā€™m fine with that ā€“ and I doubt that the gods will care.

Unfortunately many vocal neopagans are racist, xenophobic or otherwise problematic. To anyone reading this whose interest might have gotten sparked in any way, please be aware of that when doing research. (For information about Gaulish Polytheism specifically the organization Touta Galation was recommended to me and I will happily hand that recommendation on to you)