Mustang GT Paddle Shifters

I created paddle shifters for my new mustang then ordered them out of aluminium! Came in sandblasted and I polished them up!


Hi Vargas,
Great work on the polishing !
Did you do the design yourself or was it taken from a library ?
another question :
Would you have ordered them polished instead of unpolished if we would have offered that finish ?


Hi Wim,

I designed the paddles on my own for about 2 months using my work 3d printers to test fit and get the shape just right. Then printed the final from you guys. If there was an option I probably would have chosen it just because I have never polished anything before. Because there were craters from the manufacturing process, it was a lot of sanding with coarse grit before moving to 1000 grit. I would like to make more to sell since I have received great feedback from the mustang community although Al is probably too expensive. I wish there was an option to nickel plate SLS or even a CF/Nylon filament. I plan on ordering a polished black steel paddle with some minor tweaks in the very near future. I absolutely love this site and the design guides!


Hi Miguel,

we don’t offer the full shiny polish (yet),
closest is the satin finish :
This finish is not available online.

Still, it is not what you would be needing, looking at the picture. :slight_smile: