MJF shop prices higher than in account

I just noticed that the shop base prices for MJF are quite a bit higher than the prices I’m getting in my account.
Why is this?


Thanks for poiting this out. Prices in the shop are static after the initial order was placed. However, due to changes materials pricing prices may float when ordering other times. As of now, the quotation mechanism is the same, will be looking into it.

Customer Support Officer

Ivan I just noticed the MJF price is still almost $9 higher in my shop than in my account.
Why hasn’t this been fixed? I’d like to offer the MJF in my shop but not at the inflated price.

If I understand your answer, does this mean I’d have to order the part again for $41 minimum and add it to my shop again to get the current lower price?

In my account, the MJF price for one of my small parts is the same as the SLS price ($14.12) which makes sense.
MJF actually ought to be a little cheaper since it is a faster process.


Yes, that is true unfortunately. Price fluctuations will affect newly ordered models. Shop items will stay at the level of your initially offered price.