MJF "rubber like" is nothing like rubber

i ordered a plate-like part with the MJF. i’ve had printed MJF gaskets done before with other suppliers, but was tempted with i.materialise price and smooth finish.
the end result is a 5mm thick plate that has nearly no flexibility. it can’t compress when pressed and corners are hard enough to knock someone on the head.
i’d advise anyone looking for a soft rubber-like print, to avoid this service.

Hello Omri,

Thanks for reaching out to us regarding the matter.

We are sorry to hear that the output didn’t meet your expectations, but Indeed your plate is quite thick - 5mm which makes the material more rigid. Please be reminded that our rubber-like material has a has a hardness of Shore A 88-90 as described on the material page. Initially this hardness is not “gel”- flexible by itself. So the thicker the geometry gets the more rigid the model is.

i.materialise Customer Support

exactly - then you should be writing - flexible only up to a certain thickness. in any case, Shore A 90 EPDM for example, won’t behave like this. i can’t even make a fingernail imprint, which i can easily make in other rubber parts of A 90.

call it - partly flexible, not “rubber-like”. that’s marketing talk that doesn’t correspond with reality.

thank you for taking the time for responding and placing the blame in my lap. great customer care,