Minimum Size/ Wall thickness Silver/ Gold/ Copper

I would like to print chain pendants. Is there any way to send you my 3d-objects for evaluation?
The material I am considering are copper, silver or gold (high gloss).

Can you please help me with the printing configuration:
What is the smallest size I can print the objects in?
I would prefer a width of about 40mm with wall thickness of about under 1mm - is that realistic?

I would be very grateful for some brief advice on stability and minimum size. I do have a filament printer at home, but this is my first test order with (your) service.

Is there any way I can send my objects in for final evaluation?

Thank you and hoping to order from you regularly soon!

Dear Michael,

You can get an instant price quote by uploading your model to our website and selecting material and finishing:

To be printed in a precious metal, your model should fit it in the range of 0.5x0.5x0.5 and 88x88x125 mm. The wall thickness of 1 mm should be enough for a small part like a pendant. You can find our design recommendations in our design guides:

All models submitted in an order undergo both automatic and manual checks, and we will notify you if any design features stop us from printing your models.