Minimum font size in silver. EDIT: And gold plated steel?

Hello imaterialise.

I have used your services before but have typically only worked in the “steel” option. I have found this very good.

I am considering having some little gifts printed in silver. These gifts may include text. I have a few questions:

  1. What is the smallest font height (in mm) you can reliably print in silver?
  2. Would you recommend the text appears as an extruded cut into a surface or an extruded boss off of the surface?
  3. What depth/height would you recommend the text feature to be into/off the surface of the part?

Many thanks,


Hello George,
Nice to hear that your experiences with our steel models were very good.
For the silver you can find a lot of information on our website and in the design guide you can find all about text and depth / height clearly explained. Please check on
The minimum details for silver are 0.35 mm.
Kind regards.

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You are correct. There is adequate detail there. I should have been more attentive.

I do have a follow up question that is related to this. As well as the silver parts I am thinking of ordering some gold plated steel parts. I am hoping to put text into these as well. I have had gold plated steel from yourselves in the past and have been very pleased with them. But I have never put text into previous gold plated parts. You have two different design guides for text in unpolished and polished parts. If I were going to have unpolished gold plated parts do the design rules for unpolished parts apply or would I have to allow larger text for the plating?

Thank you for your patience.

Hello George,

Please follow the guidelines of each finish. This is very important, especially in steel.
Thank you.

Hello imaterialise,

I did place an order in the end; IMC135251. It went well. Would you say your silver process is still the same now? Same machines, same feed powder? I am thinking of placing another order for another batch of these little gifts. I just wanted to know ahead of time if I can expect similar results.

Many thanks,


Hello George,

Yes, you can expect the same result. If you have any concerns about your designs, please check our design guide before placing an order: