Metal 3D printing

Good morning,

I would like to have your technical support about the pictures I have already attached.
It is a Marathon medal supposedly done with stainless steel using stamping manufacturing.
I would like to reproduce as much as I would with 3D metal printing.
I am not sure enough about which would be the better material vs printer to emulated this model.
Please, could you help me to know how I must proceed?
Many thanks in advance.

Hello Marc,

The best material to reproduce models like this would be high detail stainless steel. This metal has the finest output allowing printable thickness of 0.3mm and details down to 0.1mm to be visible at the output. However the maximum size would be 45mm.

Precious metals would also work great. Minimum thickness here is 0,6mm and details with guarantees legibility of 0,35mm min. Maximum printable size is 88 x 88 x 125 mm

For us to give you a price estimate it is important to have a 3D model itself since pricing depends on multiple factors. Feel free to reach out with the model file at *