Marbler by OSKAR

Hi iMaterialise fans,

Marbler is puzzle version of Yosuke Ikeda’s Algoloop. I met Ikeda in Kanazawa 2019, where he performed his entertaining “Hello Goodbye” show. Ikeda’s Algoloop is a mesmerizing piece of hand-operated moving-marble kinetic art. It begged to be turned into a puzzle, which is what I did. I decoupled the four circles, and I gave each of the a spring for simple push-based operation. I also reshaped the loops, to make the crossing of marbles at the crossing points more reliable. The puzzle is fun to play, but not very difficult.

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Marbler---view-01 Marbler---view-02 Marbler---view-03 Marbler---view-04 Marbler---view-05