Marble Castle by OSKAR

Hi iMaterialise fans,

Marble Castle is a 3D-printed marble track. The ball runs from the top center all the way down, over the castle wall, into the back gate and out through the front gate. One can roll a 7-millimeter steel ball inside the track, or a 10-millimeter steel ball over de edges of the track. This big version took over 78 hours (more than 3 days) to print. It used 234 meter (700 gram) of filament. I used rainbow filament for the castle, and tri-color co-extruded filament for the bottom layer. The castle is 178x199x212 millimeter.

Notice the question-mark-shaped start of the track at the center. This is a tribute to Adrian Fisher, who uses this feature in several of his maze.

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Check out the photos below.


Marble-Castle---view-01 Marble-Castle---view-02 Marble-Castle---view-03 Marble-Castle---view-04 Marble-Castle---view-05 Marble-Castle---view-06 Marble-Castle---view-07 Marble-Castle---view-08 Marble-Castle---view-15 Marble-Castle---view-16 Marble-Castle---view-17

Marble-Castle---view-19 Marble-Castle---view-21 Marble-Castle---view-22