Mammoth resin cleaning

what’s the best way to clean a mammoth resin object before painting?
What chemicals may damage it?
What colors are the best to use on it?
Thanks to everyone!

Hi Andrea,

We usually recommend finishing resin models with different grades of sandpaper.

Take a look at these articles to learn more:
How to Remove Support Structure from Your Standard Resin 3D Print (see the “After the cut: Sanding off the surface of the 3D print” part)
Tutorial: How to Paint a Gray Resin Scale Model

Sorry I didn’t explain well. I don’t want to miss the fine details i got on my model, layer markings are really tiny and maybe i could do worse while trying to do better, I just need to clean the model from finger grease or other dirt before painting. I tought maybe some isopropyl alcohol could do the job, but I want to be sure not to damage the model, which was quite expensive.
Thanks again for your advice

Hey Andrea,

To be honest, I’m not sure whether something like isopropyl alcohol would be completely safe for the resin, so I’d suggest gently cleaning it with soap first. Let me know whether this helps.

Thanks a lot, i’ll try this way. :wink: