Magno Soma by OSKAR

Hi iMaterialise fans,

Magno Soma is a variation to the classic Soma Cube puzzle by Piet Hein from 1933. It was commissioned by Patrick Luteijn, who is a big Soma fan. This variation is held together by 27 big cube magnets. The orientation of the magnets makes the puzzle difficult to assemble, because the puzzle only stays together when all magnets stick.

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Magno-Soma---view-17 Magno-Soma---view-09 Magno-Soma---view-10 Magno-Soma---view-11 Magno-Soma---view-12 Magno-Soma---view-13 Magno-Soma---view-14 Magno-Soma---view-15 Magno-Soma---view-16 Magno-Soma---view-01 Magno-Soma---view-02 Magno-Soma---view-03 Magno-Soma---view-04 Magno-Soma---view-05 Magno-Soma---view-06 Magno-Soma---view-07 Magno-Soma---view-08